Elements of Whisky

Irish Whiskey Tasting at Molly's

When: Sunday 22th of August
Where: Molly’s Irish Pub
What: 6 Irish Whiskeys, Trad Music & Fingerfood

Start 2pm
Estimated end 6pm

You must be at least 18 years or older to participate.
Limited places, so order quick!

Elements of Whisky



Elements of Whisky

Let's bring Ireland to Antwerp!

We will bring Ireland to Antwerp on the 22th of August with a night to remember! We will be hosting an Irish whiskey tasting at Molly’s Irish Pub. During this tasting we will try out six beauties from the Emerald Isle. But that’s not all! You can expect more from us than a basic tasting. There will be:

  • A tasting hosted by Max Foxen
  • The best traditional Irish music from Antwerp
  • Irish fingerfood
  • And many surprises along the way!

But before we talk about those… What whiskeys can we expect?

Great question! Of course you can expect six real Irish whiskeys (that you have probably never heard of…) Shall we tease a few? 

First is amazing Clonakilty bordeaux cask finish! True fans of Molly’s are no strangers to Clonakilty’s amazing products, but not many have tried the spirit. The Scully family is currently operating the distillery on the fields where their family has farmed for nine successive generations. This whiskey lives and breathes family, passion and tradition!

But we want something FUNKY as well! And funky we will give you! We are proud to present Currach Single Malt – Seaweed Casks. Smoke, fire and seaweed give this whiskey an unusual taste that will last and linger for a long time… But the memory of this whiskey will last even longer!

And finally we give you guys a whiskey that never fails to amaze! Dingle Single Malt #HereToStay! This is the first expression from the Dingle distillery that is part of their core range. And what a fine whiskey this is! Many whiskeys are aged in bourbon casks and then finished in a nicer, more flavourful cask. Dingle does things differently! They age 39% of the whiskey in bourbon barrels and 61% in Pedro Ximénez casks, giving this whiskey a finish for days! 

Elements of Whisky

These are only three of the six whiskeys we will be tasting that evening! Add three more whiskeys that are just as (or perhaps even more) interesting and you’ll have your line-up.

Add three great sets of traditional Irish music to the mix and some finger food and you have a night to remember at Molly’s!

So buy your tickets today for the first evening of many! And join us in exploring the wonderful world of Irish Whiskey! 

For this tasting we will have a guest! Max Foxen will host this night with lots of great stories to share!

Elements of Whisky

About Max

Max has been active in de Dutch whiskey scene for a while now, where he changes the way tastings are hosted. With a fresh and youthful way of talking about whiskey, Max is an ‘independent’ host and his main concern is to give his audience an amazing night out!

“The whiskeys that I will pour you during a tasting must meet two criteria. First of all, a whiskey must be good! Secondly, it must be a whiskey that I would drink at home!”

Through humour and passion you will find out all the cask’s secrets, lead by Max, and enjoy this golden drink optimally. You will be guaranteed of an unforgettable tasting, which you do not want to miss out on!

Elements of Whisky

Max is Certified Whisky Ambassador, so you are in safe hands!